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Hello There

Yes I am a bold one ( may the high ground always be with you if you got the reference ). I am Anshul Agrawal. This is my blog. What is this blog for you ask? I am not sure myself ( if I was, I would have gone for a less generic name for the blog :P ). This blog will probably never have a purpose other than the one it is starting with: be a place for me to share my thoughts, be a place for me to experiment, a place for me to thoughtful and cringy and knowledgeable and an idiot. I have no idea what the future of this blog is, this might be the only post here or this might be the first of some world changing articles. Who knows... not me. Anyway, if you are here looking through old posts on this blog, I hope things are going well in the future, for you and everyone else. I guess I should also talk about myself a bit. I like technology (well unless you are Amish you like technology, I mean I am interested in learning and discovering new technology related stuff) , machines, reading, swimm